Vapour Barrier



A structural design in buildings to minimize water vapor transmission through the floor, walls and roofing insulation. It also acts as an isolation layer between two different materials from reactions and prevent damages.

Installation of the vapor barrier layer in between two building structures is able to effectively prevent damages due to deformation at rigid surface.


Function Of Vapor/Air Barrier:

Minimize heat loss due to convection of air

Minimize condensation. Ensure the insulation layer is kept dry

Mitigate the risk of loosening parts due to vibration from wind




Noise absorption and noise reduction. Fulfills acoustic design requirements.

Withstand temperature above 90°C (heat aging test)

Maintain performance even at -45°C (suitable for use at cold climates zone)

Scratch resistance with 5-layer structure, suitable for use on various material surface

Auto dry: The same effect as the lotus leaf

Puncture resistance

Prevent dust into the living rooms

Recommended overlapping width ≥150mm

Warranty 15 years




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